Sean Outram





DCD, The art of losing things



What is DCD anyway?

DCD or developmental co-ordination discorder (which is also known as dispraxia) comes with a few negatives for the people who have to deal with it on a daily basis.

And many more random things

Why this matters

I find short term memory really difficult, and I believe that it is correlated to my DCD or accociated conditions. this means that whenever I put something down, within a few minuites I will completely forget where I put it, meaning that I rely on trackers alot (which are expensive, very expensive). A good phrase to use when describing this is "I would lose my head if it wasn't attached" but even that isn't always accurate, because seemingly constantly I will forget where my head is (along with where left and right is)

Why am I moaning about it?

I probably shouldn't be tbh, it's something I've had my entire life and I should just get on with it. but here we are, lol. A few nights ago I lost my really nice headphones for the like 6th time, and I was looking at spending another £80 I don't have as I unfortunatly didn't have a tracker on them at the time. and TBH I was really fucking annoyed that because of some mental disability I was out more money (I know that there are other disabilities that cost a ton more, but leave me alone) and it was likely to happen again in a few months


Having DCD sucks so much, and after losing my headphones again I've come up with more coping stratergies. but I really wish I didn't have to, I've now decided that anything portable that doesn't already have a tracker isn't leaving the box in my draws until a tracker has arrived. and the same thing exists for if a tracker runs out of battery.