Sean Outram





My Time at Rolls Royce Electrical



A bit of background

Work experience is a week long event mandated by the Government where you go and enter the workforce and get to know what it's like.

The actual diary

Day 1 (03/07/23)

This was the most boring day of the week. We started off with a quick summary of what RRE is and the history of the company. Before doing several meetings about material sciences and the services sector

Day 2 (04/07/23)

This was the start of the good part of work experience. We started off the day by simulating some circuits in Matlab. We then walked to another building and had a look through CAD drawings for prototype 0 of a new hydrogen engine. We then went to a talk about what RR is trying to do to get to their net zero emissions goals. Before talking to someone about Project Managenment which included having a glance at their Ultrafan Project.

Day 3 (05/07/23)

We started off the day by going into the RRE power lab. We had some interesting conversations about challenges with Areospace. before seeing Prototype 0 of the PDS (Power Distrobution Board) for RAF's tempest project. We then went to a practical talk about Batteries and the difficulties of Aerospace. Before doing a lab on Circuit Board Design.

Day 4 (06/07/23)

This was quite possibly the best day we had this week. We started off the day by going to the training centre and seeing the apprentice base. We eventually found our way to the Production lines for their engines. and the asociated Test beds. We also got a closer look at Ultrafan. We then went back to the labs and talked to someone about Wireless sensors that use piezoelectrics and radiowaves.

Day 5 (07/07/23)

We had a talk to mechanical engineering inside RRE. We then saw the Experimental Module Build. Finally we went to a talk about careers in RRE