Sean Outram





Why lessons on grief hurt.






I grew up with a cat, who I was incredibly close to and knew my entire life up until the point he died. It's always been a struggle to cope with this, but my brain shut the memory down and I moved on. and I thought it was finally out of the memory that my brain tortures me with This was a few years ago now. I was 10 when this happened.

Until today

It's a monday as I write this, I'm just about struggling through the day. it was going "ok" until I got to Period 2 (Personal Development). It was based around (can you guess? grief and berevement) and It metaphorically unlocked the vault hoding that memory back. it's now flooding my brain and i'm unable to cope.

What could have been done about this?

It could have been, and should have been opt in, I know this isn't always possible. But this was possible, and has been done in the past. When you have struggled with depression & loss in the past, adding a "Some people might struggle with the topics discussed in this classroom" disclaimer doesn't cut it. The government has made these lessons mandatory, without providing methods to not need to partake in lessons that effect you negatively. This needs to change!