Sean Outram





Initial Discoveries (Traffic Light)

The purchasing experience

On the 21st of September 2023 I made the plunge and spent £85 (£60 for the light + £24.99 on postage) on my traffic light. This came after several days of deliberation and searching for one I could afford after the one I originally wanted fell through. I ultimatly ended up with a 1990's Peek UK traffic light.

My discoveries and solutions

The discoveries

  • The hoods that came with the traffic light didn't come with any mounting kit
  • The proximity sensor ontop of the light had it's wires snipped
  • There is enough space internally for the sequencer + related equipmment
  • There is no cover covering the screwholes on the back or protecting the latches
  • Only the latches on one side open properly
  • There is no screholes on the back to mount to a base / wall

The solutions

  • I have temporarily used some old random screws to secure the hoods. (I eventually want to 3D print some clips)
  • I'm gonna leave this on, but I might be able to do something with it
  • I'm going to buy or 3D print a new case to encase all the screws / Latches
  • I'm going to buy one of those pole speaker stands and rest the Traffic light on one of those (there is a deep enough hole in the bottom)